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IIV-RVO Features

  • IIV-RVO is to promote and develop the profession of Valuers.
  • Service offering in the field of Valuation by the way of Research, Publications of e-Journals and organizing Seminars and Programmes.
  • IIV-RVO has been contributing immensely to the enhancement of Valuers through its academic programmes, imparting teaching
  • Nationalized Membership of over 5000+ individuals and over 1000 Business associations
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About Us

IIVRVO Registered Valuers organization is registered under Society Registration act under XXI of 1860, in 2006 by Dr. Amin Shaikh and govern by the council of The Indian Institution of Valuers.

According to Section 247 of the Companies Act, 2013 only the professionals who have been trained by recognised bodies can carry out Valuation. IIV-RVO has launched Valuation courses with approval from IBBI to certify valuation professionals in particularly three categories, namely.

Land & Building
Plant & Machinery
Securities or Financial Assets

The registration process has already begun and the application form is available on the website alongwith the eligibility criteria and other necessary details. The applicant shall study the syllabus for 50 hours as prescribed by the IBBI and sit for an examination conducted by the IBBI in order to practice as a Valuation professional.

IIV was constituted in 2006 as a professional body of the Engineers with a view to promote and advance professional practice of Engineering and Valuation. I.I.V. with its headquarters in Pune is administered by National Council of Valuers.

IIV is the rallying point for Enterprises/ Business Firms / Technical Firms in India. It has improved Indian Business, in changing times.

IIV has enabled Engineers to show their talent and competitiveness. It has enhanced their global reach.

With Nationalized Membership of over 5000+ individuals and over 1000 Business associations IIV gives strong support to the Indian Associates and automatically helps the Banking and Financial sector of the India.

It imparts professional education to the aspirants as well as the persons already engaged in the valuation business. This is achieved through Professional Education Courses, Organizing Seminars and conferences. This ensures updating and development of technical and professional knowledge of fellow members. Also I.I.V. represents and interacts with all concerned local, Government and other statutory authorities to define suitable norms for the responsibilities of valuation practitioners and seek redressal of their grievance, if any.

IIV has Maintained the lead as it has started the Valuation Curses for the Student, Professionals, Technocrats and other disciplines also. IIV is a world’s first ISO 9001-2000 Certified Institute of its Type.


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